Ian Timothy

Ian Timothy

Most Days: Off the bus, through John Lewis’s shortcut, escalator, perfumery – makeup counters, into the market. Buy a cup of tea, 50p, open stall, ready to write and sell a few rocks and incense sticks. I’ll write a couple of thousand words. An email presents a freelance job, a touch of research, the days working well. Normal Day.

ToDay: Off the bus, through John Lewis’s shortcut, escalator ‘Excuse me you’re in my way’ Aggressive lady pushes by, sarcastic sigh. Top of the escalator, she glances back, zooms off like a vindaloo victim in search of the ablutions. I see this ‘must get ahead’ attitude every day, I‘ve written about this malady on other occasions. She must be late: Lateness is the cause of, frustration, anger, a rise in blood pressure, heart attack and death. As a child, my mother told me a little boy lost his leg after being trapped on an escalator in Marshall and Snelgrove’s store in Leicester. That was typical of my mother. She blackmailed with fear: ‘Don’t run up the escalator Ian. A little boy lost his leg messing around on one of those.’ she was a poor parent one of her cruellest method s of control was: ‘You will have to go to the doctor for a painful injection if you don’t behave’ as a child it sticks in mind like a whalebone in the throat. I asked her once how you lose your leg, and if there was a way to remove the leg. She biffed me in the ear. The point is: I have been taken back in time, to a memory I could do without. (not really I couldn’t give a fig about one-legged orphans and painful injections).

After all the speeding and aggression, ‘Sarcastic Sigh’ has stopped at the Chanel counter. She takes a sly glance around the store, picks up the Number Five tester and sprays her neck 1,2,3,4,5 times. She hears my ‘tut-tutting’ comment; I smile, the wolf-like sneer indicates she hates me and always will. I am pleased, happy to prove my theory of instantaneous hatred. The idea is, it is easier to dislike someone than like them. By the way, I ask you to consider the benefit of dislike, for one it is cheaper than like. No Birthday or Christmas prezzies and then there is the pleasure of discovering an arch enemy is gored by a bull (no joke). If a friend is mugged by an addict, the result is a boring visit to the hospital, and have you seen the price of grapes. No, dislike and hatred is the cheapest and more enjoyable way to go.

Why did she overtake and then stop at the counter? The London Underground is full of overtakers –  Indignant ‘Could I pass P L E A S E’ smug bastards. They’re living in the city and mugs like me on day trip have forgotten the protocols of so-called city life. Well, I tell you what Jack, in my day, I smoked on the underground and every pub in Soho had a resident drunken artist or celebrity. So don’t think your superior attitude impresses this chap. And according to my mother, little boys lose their legs when messing about on the mechanical stairs, don’t you forget this possible outcome of speeding up and down escalators.

I’m on a mission, nothing going to stop the rant. Imagination man has lit the candle in my creativity dungeon. Lights on, the cupboards open and the skeletons are dancing. That’s the way, one seed of thought, one observation, one ignorant, pushy woman steaming up the escalator like a clapped out locomotive. Get tapping the keys boy; there’s an insight into your mind which someone will read. And I don’t care if no one reads the essay, I don’t care about anything today. That woman’s wound me up like a spring, and the only way out is words following words.

To my mind, lateness is a sign of poor preparation or laziness. I prefer to steer clear of the unpunctual. Letting people down demonstrates a degree of selfishness. Our life hours cannot be retrieved, anyone who deliberately wastes our time is a foe. The body is our most valuable possession, and time is our greatest asset. Those who let us down are prepared to waste life-time, it is not acceptable. My new mantra will be ‘Sod of time wasters’ – Yes, I like it ‘Sod off time wasters.’ The four words have meaning and purpose SOTW – How can the words be changed to the order STOW? Sod, time. Of, wasters. No, it will have to be SOTW. Goodness, I’d better stop this I’m wasting your time.

‘Sarcastic Sigh’ watches me walk out of the store, she’s’ judging me. I know her type, she’d let people down. I would win the pound for a penny bet that she is selfish and greedy. No doubt, she’s an inferior, superior and mother of three arrogant bankers. The more I consider this wicked witch, the more I see. No doubt, if the year were 1939, she’d be wearing an S.S. uniform and her reply to my ‘tut, tut’ would have been two sharp reports from a 9mm Luger and the following day would see my family being taken away in a cattle truck.

I can see it now, the whole bloody mess, my brains splattered over the Chanel sales counter. She is intoxicated by the ability to deal out swift injustice, my twitching body evidence of her power over life and death. That same evening her three Gestapo officer children, sit around the dinner table, eating veal schnitzel and sauerkraut are enraptured as their mother recalls the morning incident. ‘He attempted to push me down the escalator, as I confronted him, he denounced the Fuhrer, there was no alternative but to shoot him. They howl with laughter; good days work in the pursuit of oppression.

On the escalator her action demonstrates a get out of the way attitude, it is ‘the road is mine’ attitude of the selfish driver. Ok, she is a selfish road-raged imbecile as well. I can see through this woman persona. The mask is transparent to me she drinks gin by the gallon; she is sure to be alcoholic. Is this the reason she sprays a fivers worth of Chanel round her neck. This aromatic camouflage is a well-known ploy used by gin swigging old soaks the World over. I’ve never met a woman who wears strong perfume who doesn’t drink gin. What! You feel I’m harsh? It’s a tough life Jack; it pays to be aware of any tell-tale signs which will help us through it.

Incidentally be wary of non-drinkers. They have the advantage over those of us who like a beer or two. I am not saying the gin swigging Nazi is forgiven because of she drinks, I warning you if you are a drinker, never trust a non-drinker. I mean it, you’ll get your fingers burned with those bastards, and then you’ll be like the legless child, hopping mad and crying in your soup, that you’d not listened to my advice. Now, I hope you understand this essay is free-flowing, so I’m not going to clarify the sentiment in this paragraph, one thing is for sure, the guidance is from real life experience.

I’m feeling better, the therapeutic exercise of speed writing and limited words have a calming effect. I no longer care about the ignorant monster and the hundreds of other morons who chose to be late, rush about and blame everyone and everything for their inability to get out of bed in the morning. No doubt, if this woman didn’t swig a gallon of distilled juniper berries every night, her life would be better and less stressed.

Times Up – 30 minutes 1235 words – Grammar Nazis forget it. It’s a tough call.


Ian and Jon’s God Spot

Ian and Jon talk about Jung’s Symbolism, and then the interview charts the dangerous, perilous waters of religion. Although, hang on a second, not belief as you know it. No, religion according to St Jon of Wicca. Our learned saint offers the suggestion all religion derives from one cultural source of wisdom. He then takes us on a voyage across the oceans to Atlantis. I know, there is nothing more to say. Just listen to our intrepid saint who was canonised only last week, after being burned as a heretic.

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War Alternative – Free Thoughts – No Time Line

All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye

20 Minutes – 1000 Words

Bribe them with money and love, not war and bullets. I have considered this idea for ten years or so and wondered about the feasibility of the idea. My father was a corrupt businessman, and one of his favourite sayings was ‘No man cannot be corrupted’. Before you rush to climb pedestals with indigent opposing views, I do not believe he was correct. I would adjust it to ‘When money becomes a man’s God – He is easily corrupted’. Paul William made most of his fortune by filling the pockets of poor men with bribes. Maybe I’ll write about him another time.

There is a line of thought in his idea ‘There is no man who cannot be corrupted’ and the idea that poor men can easily be bribed. If you have nothing, the concept of money in return for little effort must appeal. Regardless of the situation, the criteria for corruption must be a high return for little effort. Examples will be The council official who turns a blind eye to planning regulations. A buyer for a large company giving a contract to an unsuitable contractor. Or the weighbridge clerk adding five tonnes of material to the weigh note for a week’s wages.  Yes, the action or act has to be simple and the return worth the danger.

How much is the cost of a nuclear submarine? Who knows? How much the Trident atomic system? 31 Billion and the airborne nuclear system? 8 billion a year. Cost of a city hospital? 400 million. So why don’t we build hospitals and school for our enemies? Bribe them with love?

Ok, it’s a far-fetched idea. However, it may appeal to the natives who are sick and dying. It may appeal to the humanitarian who prefer life to murder. It seems to be a better alternative than the death and making of young men who wear uniforms. Imaging the news headlines ‘Sixty thousand Afghanistan citizens saved this year.’ ‘Celebration in the streets of Iran as child mortality falls to one percent’ ‘President Kindness awarded Nobel Peace Prize after his world hospital policy annihilates terrorism’.

Next thing we know, the world leaders follow the lead. Millions of tonnes of food are shipped to feed the starving. The previously starving and sick people now love and adore, the Western World and its policies. Prime Minister Joe Happy decides to spend three billion on land reclamation in African deserts. Ten years later the land is producing millions of tonnes of grain each year. The price of food is falling, and his one act has lowered the cost of living in the U.K by ten percent.

Fifty emanate scientists gather together and decide to use the internet as a science link up with a free exchange of ideas. Within five years, the cure for cancer is found, and most disease is eradicated. The same group formulate an internet educational system. Within fifteen years, the network of intelligence is so great, few problems are unsolvable. Professor, I Ma Genius says ‘Let us focus our minds and recourses on the World, not The Universe’. As a result of the ‘World not Space’ policy ninety percent of cars and trucks are powered by electricity produced by a development of Tesla’s designs.

The World population is increasing, however, because education is so widespread, people live into their nineties, food is plentiful and cheap, the choice for most people is to have one child and enjoy life. Ironically the population lowers, and because of the strength of the solo genes, the community becomes healthier. Wealth is controlled by the majority, and because the population is balanced, no-one works any more than twenty hours each week.

With copious quantities of crops, fruit and vegetables available, the population eat a balanced diet. With many societies no longer dependant on fishing for the staple diet, the ocean’s stock of fish returns to heath. The immense amount of soil reclamation and growing of crops clear the air. Forests are replanted, the atmosphere is now entirely pure. Which now means, everything planted grows, and lung disease is now almost none existent.

Me Cray Ze a North Career dictator attempts to break the system. The World Council freezes all internet connections and shuts down the country’s power stations. During the 48hr blackout, 50 thousand World Army Troops cross the borders. When the power stations are turned back on, and the internet returns. Me Cray Ze, his close supporters and family have vanished from the face of the Earth. If you attempt to find any reference to him, his regime, family or supporters today, the search is in vain. Only a fool tries to break World Stability; the World Army Troops are here to keep the Peace. No coup has lasted more than three days. Civilians ask for help via the internet once the pleas climb above one-third of the population, the W.A.T are motivated. The World Army’s motto is ‘No Prisoners’ and two cremation ships standoff near the countries coast when they are at work. It is rumoured the ships issued smoke for a week after Me Cray Ze was deposed.

There are three Prisons all sited in the South China Seas. Murderers, ‘three strikes and you’re out’ prisoners receive life sentences, with no remission. Drug dealers and sex offenders are executed immediately after their trails. The D.N.A and tracking systems are so highly tuned, the possibility of getting away with a crime is now reckoned to be 27000 to one. Mistakes of injustice have occurred. However, the consensus is this is at an acceptable level.

We attended John’s retirement party last week I must say he does not look anywhere near thirty-five. The company gave him a five bedroomed log cabin on the coast. I have worked for the refuse department for fourteen years, I retire next year, and my cabin is already being built near my friend’s new home. I chose to work in the utilities and specifically refuse, we earn far more than the intellectuals. What statistics now show is, on average a labourer is paid eight times more than the thinker. Although it’s personal choice, my degree in math is as good as anyone else’s.

Time is up – 20 minutes and 1000 words. See You Soon

Grammar Nazis forget it – A thousand words in twenty minutes is a tough call.

Ian and Jon – The Lower Red Lion Ghost

The popularity of the Spooktacular means we have recorded another of Jon’s ghost stories. Today’s encounter happened when he stayed at The Lower Red Lion Pub in St Albans.

The Lower Red Lion – St Albans

The haunted room is above the arch in this image.

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Biographic Dedication


I have always read biographies. Anyone from Hitler to Jesus. Who or what genre it makes no odds to me, no hero worship is involved. My favourites? Micheal Powell, Humphrey Jennings, Eartha Kit and the pinnacle: Mr Joe Strummer. Who fails to captivate? Richard Branson, not so sweet Sugar, Spice Girl and ‘what’s his name?’ I suspect the employed ghostwriters over-egg the omelette (or is that the cake?) when prostituting the keyboard for a few quid.

Rags to riches and riches to rags. Sober to drunk. Drunk to an alcoholic. Junkie funky and pincushion arms. Their physical and personal tragedies do not concern me, we all endure pain and discord within life.  There is no sympathy for the millionaire who loses his loot and begs sympathy for his failing. Although, one celebrity suffered terrible injustice; losing a lifetime of success stolen by lies, police and press. His name Micheal Barrymore, once I watched him perform at a private function, genius, pure genius.

The biography is a way to discover how people succeed or fail. I assess success is eighty percent chance, ten percent meeting or knowing the right people and ten percent talent. The reader can shift the numbers however they like; this is my conclusion. The higher the tree is climbed, the more trunk and roots below. It is not possible to be successful without a massive infrastructure. Some may use Steve Jobs as an example of talent, innovation and genius. No doubt he had these in tipper truck loads. Fact is, he still needed a massive infrastructure around him and without it, Apple would be in the barrel rotting with other ideas. You’ll correctly comment: ‘Jobs was the fourth richest man on Earth’.  I reply the only relevant word is ‘was’ he’s dead, and not worth a penny. I would also comment ‘His lifetime accumulation of wealth was due to Apple products (which I love) being overpriced.

We can build a three-dimensional image of the individual within our mind by making the biography holistic. Read the book, watch a few videos, research the subject on the internet. The ones who count in my mind are those who made a real sacrifice. Joe Strummer, diplomat son, public school education, disillusioned by the illusion of society, London squats, homemade speakers, stolen microphone, London’s Burning, rip off idiot manager (inevitable), died of a heart defect aged fifty: widows net worth one million pounds. Joe did not make sacrifices for his success. He knew what he wanted to do, the path to follow, and lived it. To my mind a poet, his lyrics pure genius.

My brother Simon loved the Punk scene, leather jacket, drainpipe Levis and safety pins.  He dragged me to The Sandpiper Club in Nottingham one evening, on the stage he sang a few words with the lead singer of The Tourists – Annie Lennox. The walls ran with condensation the lager wasn’t watered down. Booze, drugs, music intoxication, the trio of freedom for those with no reason to life. This is the power of music and art, two words which evoke a sanctuary, short-term illusions of happiness.

There are not another sixty years ahead of me: Reflections are mostly haunting mindscapes. I now realise success follows a path of absolute dedication. It is the commitment which is the success, those who understand this have succeeded no matter what the outcome. This knowledge has to be a magic spell. Once this alchemic formula is known, no human fails, failure becomes nothing, all feelings of despondency caused by failing to achieve a goal become vapour.

My mind returns to The Sandpiper, the band, people, atmosphere, era. The memory of the night is insignificant; I only remember my brother and his friends, and him singing with Lennox. No, the significant reflection is of the thousands of people who have stood on a stage, learned an instrument, formed a band and come to nought. Those who pick up a camera, make a short video, draw pictures, write an article, their work comes to nought. And most become old, trapped in menial jobs, overworked, underpaid, in debt or dead. Many think their foray into the arts is to be seen as a failure.

How wrong they are, how flawed the thoughts of failure. I wish my camera had been with me forever. I wish I’d written another million words. I wish I played my guitar for forty, not ten years. I wish I’d told my father to keep his corrupt business acumen. And you may say ‘You cannot wish your life away’. I answer this way: To attempt to fulfil any objective satisfies the purpose. I say I wish because I know the two words indicate failure. I wish, means one did not try, made the same mistake, or did not listen to the truth spoken by the true self.

‘I wish’ is the evidence of apathy and fear.

Anything I do today is part of an objective to follow the ideas which flow from my inner self. In the tennis court of my environment, Lizzy fires the idea back into my space with fearful speed. We will never hear the words, game, set and match because there is no end to the possibilities available to our future. The seconds of life cannot be wasted; there is no room for embarrassment or fear of someone saying ‘no.’

One certainty is this: All those who stood on the stage, watched bailiffs take possessions, read the court papers written by parasites, ended up with nothing. They did not lose or fail. They succeeded, the second they followed a desire. They may not have made the most, listened to the right advice or sacrificed all to succeed.

They will never have to say ‘I wish’. Because to say: ‘I wish’, admits nothing was done, a difficult choice not made, a risk not taken.

‘I wish’ indicates failure.
To attempt something without success means we have lived.

Thousand Words – Twenty Five Minutes (not including WordPress and Image set up)

Isuzu PickUp Truck (Suzi)

Thousand Words – Twenty Minutes
Subject – Our Truck

We drive a nine-year-old silver Isuzu PickUp truck. It has taken Liz, and myself to four countries carried tonnes of rocks, camping gear, and equipment. When we purchased it, it had covered 65000 miles, and today the tally is 125000. Sixty thousand miles in four years and we intend to keep it for many years to come. It is already decided that it will not be sold when it is retired it will live in a garage. Retirement mileage for this truck will be 300 thousand. Best not think I am joking, we look after our vehicle.

Always in the Channel Tunnel

Always in the Channel Tunnel

Each year it goes to the Isuzu garage for a full service and MOT (English roadworthy test) and every six months it receives an oil change and light service. The total maintenance cost (including tyres) averages 750 pounds per year and insurance and tax is a further 600. A total of 1350 per year or twenty-six pounds per week. It has a three-litre engine which averages thirty-eight miles to the gallon. At 15k miles per year that’s approximately 400 gallons of fuel at six pounds a gallon – 2400 per year. Total running cost per annum 3750 pounds or 320 per month. I know people who pay this amount for the finance or lease agreements for their cars. I feel our truck is great value for money.

You have correctly noticed I have not put depreciation into the equation. The truck cost 8000, and it is worth about 4000 today. Seeing as we will not sell the truck and we paid for it outright (no interest) let’s write it down over ten years. This is a depreciation of 800 per year or sixty-six pounds a month. The total cost of running the truck per month over ten years will be £385 (+ or – ?) each month.

Still As New

Still As New

We have driven everything from Mercedes to Junk over the years, and Liz and I are unified in agreement: The Isuzu pickup truck is the best and most useful vehicle we have owned. Alice has christened it ‘Suzi Truck’ she always talks about ‘Suzi’ it seems strange Alice may even get to drive it one day.

The name Isuzu means ‘fifty bells pealing in harmony and celebrations.’ Although this is confusion because the name relative to the Company is: Isuzu Jidōsha Kabushiki-Kaisha, the company was named after a river that flows past a Japanese shrine.

Isuzu is the world’s largest truck producer, specialising in commercial vehicles and diesel engines. Isuzu began in 1916 when the Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering company wanted to expand its production to involve automobiles. By 1922, its first car was built in partnership with British manufacturer Wolseley Motors. The Japanese government’s promotion of domestic auto production helped boost the company in the following decades, which resulted in the formation of Isuzu Motors Ltd in 1949.

Now, whether you accept this or not: Isuzu is the world’s largest truck producer, and its diesel engines are acknowledged as the most reliable produced anywhere. In fact, the drive train of ‘Suzi’ is the same as can be found in some of their seven-tonne commercial vehicles. It is a robust and reliable and for all of its hereditary design it is a comfortable means of transport. Seeing how we will be using it for some years to come. It is a bonus we like the truck.

I anticipate there will be cosmetic work ahead. The decision will be for robust and efficient repair: rather than ‘nice to look at and needs work later’ cutting corners. We will have the rusty areas returned to bare metal, heavily rust proofed and sprayed. There is already a sign of rust in one or two areas, and this will be rectified next year. At some stage, the leaf springs will need replacing, and they will be refurbished and galvanised. This is a cosmetic and very long-term solution to further problems. When I owned commercial vehicle’s: I found this was an over the top and permanent solution to the problem of broken suspension leaf springs. And as the truck is silver in colour, galvanised springs will look pretty good.



There is one area I need to address, the aerial which was a ‘coat hanger’ when the truck was purchased. An Isuzu replacement is £160, and I cannot resolve this in my mind. At the moment there is a small and ineffective screw in replacement which is a poor performer. This does affect the ability to listen to our favourite radio station (Classic F.M) maybe we’ll have to bite the bullet and spend the loot. However the CD player is excellent, and iPhone Maps is brilliant for road works or accident warnings so, maybe this will be a compromise. Although, I would like the truck to have radio communication.

We have every intention of moving in the next two-year, and our lock up garage has gone the way of many. It has mutated into storage space: I wonder how many people have followed this terrible path? It is a sure sign of lack of willpower and sloth. A lock-up garage is rented to store your car. Next thing you know, it’s become storage for items ‘awaiting use or eventual disposal’ Our lock up was chosen for excellent security and proximity to our home. We wanted to store a four-wheel two-tonne trailer in the garage. The trailer has better potential for our work, and the bonus would be to remove the ‘hard top’ which covers the back of the truck and replace it with an aluminium tonneau cover. A flat covered pickup can expect an extra four miles to the gallon and to my mind the truck look better. Suzi will have this addition when we move as there will be plenty of secure storage for our trailer.

Some readers may know I write extensively on Selfness and self-sufficiency. Very few people would associate a pickup truck as a roadmap to material sufficiency. However, consider this equation.

If you purchased an Isuzu at say two years old, for fourteen thousand pounds and accounted the running costs similar to my own (a newer truck would be cheaper to feed and maintain) and you kept the truck for fifteen years your cost of motoring would be less than 100 pounds per week. Now you may think: I do not spend anything like that on my car. I would ask you to add up the amount including interest spent on your cars over a fifteen year period. The result will be frightening. If you purchased a 30 thousand Mercedes, it’s worth 15 at best two years later. That is a 15 thousand loss every two years. Multiply this by five (five depreciations over ten years), and you have lost seventy-five thousand pounds. The amount is half the cost of a small home, and this is within a decade.

In the Tunnel

In the Tunnel

My contention is this: And it works for a private individual: Buy an Isuzu Pick Up, decide to keep it for fifteen years, and you will save a fortune.

I cannot expand further. My time and word count are up.

Grammar Nazi’s can do as they like – 20 minutes and 1000 words is tough work – Pictures and formatting the post is not included in the time limit.

Ian and Jon Spooktacular PodCast

Ian & Jon

Ian & Jon

Today, Ian and Jon Sharpe (with an e) have recorded a spontaneous podcast with no editing. The subject matter is the potentiality of life after death (according to Jon). Jon puts forward his view of buildings being vibrational recorders. Ian talks about a ghostly encounter at Canning Circus. Jon reflects upon a spooky experience at Newstead Abbey. Twelve minutes to record and less than two hours to produce. Hurrah! We did it.

Twenty Minutes – One Thousand Words

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Random Post

I wonder if evolution is objective.

Fifteen years ago I sat behind a two table stall at a psychic fair selling crystals with Liz. We followed the teaching found in our sales bible, I cannot recall the title, I remember the wisdom of  the principal lessons: –

All items must be priced.
Talk to customers.
The truth loses some and gains many customers.

This formula has always worked for us and continues to do so every day at our small ‘base camp’ at the Victoria Market in Nottingham.

We chose to keep our retail outlet, rather than purchase a shop and office. The equation is simple; the lock up shop limits our working day to nine hours six days a week. Fifty-four hours a week is enough for any average human. I have no interest in the individual who claims business is eighteen hours a day seven days a week. I did this for years without making real headway. The reality is: excessive work for no real return is an indication something is not working. Following a process of no return for extreme effort indicates the victim is looking inward. He is probably convinced his way is the right way; he believes he will succeed in the end.

Truth to tell, the mind and body do not function to maximum advantage when exhausted. To my mind, hard work extended over many years MUST produce a consistent profit. If we work without making a profit ( a gauge of success ), we waste precious life hours. Understanding life hours is an important lesson. I write about this idea in my book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’.  The basic premise is that we exchange the hours in our lives for money. Therefore, if we associate every purchase with the amount of ‘life hours’ expended to buy the item, we have a better way of valuing the possession.

For Example: –

A man earns six pounds an hour after tax. He buys a phone for 600 pounds. Six divided by six hundred equals one hundred: Therefore he works for one-hundred hours to buy the phone. Once we value our possessions in life hours and not money, the perception of the item changes.

We could consider the conversion of life hours into money. The following example explains how the conversion works. The explanation also exposes the ultimate profit system. Whenever humans convert natures produce they will make a profit, the conversion is named a harvest. Oil, minerals, ores and various crops are harvests of the planets gifts. Whoever possess so called ‘rights’ to the harvest will have the greatest earning potential of all. There is no cost of the material; the only cost is the extraction. At the most, basic level life hours will extract the profit. In my example, six trees are ‘felled’ in a garden. The timber is then cut into five tonnes of fire wood; the kindling is sold. My energy and my time converted the timber ( harvesting natures produce ) into a saleable item. If I owned a large enough area of land, I could grow trees to cut for timber. Well possibly not, however, you can grasp the idea. In fact, I do grow plants which I intend to sell. No not dope or anything illegal, just succulents and cacti. My experiment is to see if I can ‘grow’ some plants into one thousand pounds. If the idea is successful, I may take it further.

Stones Have a Value

Stones Have a Value

A friend asks me: ‘What is a success?’ – I find this question interesting because he is a successful man. His marriage and family are secure, close and happy. He is successful; he is materially comfortable and respected. His question demonstrates that success is evasive because the word suggests something which is difficult to define. For examples, people say:-

‘How can I be successful?’
‘I want to be successful.’
‘Success is around the corner.’

And yet, if pushed to define ‘success’ they fluster ‘Ah well! Success is a beautiful house, car, relationship.’ I wonder if relationship, house or car is a sign of success? Maybe success is holistic, a complete and unified effort to become a human of integrity.

When I interview someone who is wealthy, I ask ‘Did you decide to become rich?’ It is a confusing question, ask it when you talk to a rich individual. Some comment truthfully ‘I’ve never thought about it’ others will say ‘No, I love my work’. My favourite answer was from a hairdresser ‘I saw how much money my employer earned. I thought I can do this, and watched her for the next eighteen months. Yes, I did decide to become rich.’

If you think about the last answer, it is wise to consider the process. Fiona, says ‘I thought, I can do this, and watched her for the next eighteen months.’ Do we accept Fiona learned a process which worked and then made the process better? I feel she did so, as she now owns eight shops. Fiona followed the secret of success, she watched and learned an existing process and improved the way it worked. Liz and I read a book about selling to the public, followed the lesson in the book and made a profit.

The idea of life hours is core to meeting our objective. The aim is to work in the best possible way and understand the process of anything we need to use or utilise. For examples we need to know how to: –

Produce video promotions.
Write essays.
Understand how to look after our web presence.
Demonstrate a preference to place performance before profit.
Assess the progress of our efforts.
Know when to change direction.
Understand the objective.
The objective is the method of attainment.

Is the objective the method of attainment? This writer is convinced when a project is fulfilled it stagnates, and once it stagnates, it is dying. The flowers may seem to bloom, although the soil is sterile and the garden will turn to the bramble.

Times up and one thousand words are written in this exercise of free flowing thoughts

See You Soon

Baden Powell - Be Prepared

Baden Powell – Be Prepared

Out of Focus

Ignore the title; this is not an essay about cameras. I am tired of cameras and the arguments about which is better and how one lens is sharper than another. Truth to tell all cameras are good and phone cameras are exceptional. If you want to know the truth about cameras, follow the idea of an expert. A friend, Geoffrey Christen, who sold more cameras than you could shake a stick at, used to say: ‘Pick it up, if it feels right, it will be good.’ Geoff is correct.

I use one camera, a Canon. I use its standard zoom lens; it is a good camera. There is no interest in pixels and resolution. The criteria are, will the image look good on a computer screen. Will the videos be clear and good enough for my work?

It is interesting to read the information people write about cameras on their blogs and websites. They compare the latest X with last years B and talk about pictures being printed at A3 or A2. When was the last time you printed an image at A2? Probably never and probably never will. So why does it matter if one instrument slightly out-resolves another? There is no importance to the questions or the answers. The observations are valid and at the same time of no importance. Chances are you’ll only put images on the internet or your phone.

For all you have read about my opinion about cameras, earlier this week I looked at some pictures taken with my Canon, and many seemed out of focus. This disappointed me because the pictures were of Alice standing next to an ancient tree in Canterbury Cathedral grounds. The chances of retaking the frames are next to non-existent. Alice is growing, and it will be some years before we visit Canterbury again.

Unsharp Image

Unsharp Image because of the filter

I reviewed many of the pictures taken and realised many were out of focus. I checked the camera and its settings. Reset the camera to factory settings. I continued the tests using the basic and my own camera profiles, and the pictures continued to fulfil the expectation. They were not as ‘bad’ as the Cathedral images, although, there certainly was ‘something’ wrong with the pictures.

As a last resort, the protective filter screwed to the lens was removed, and a few test frames were made. The results were as sharp as a pin, contrasty, with vibrant colours. Two hours wasted, the problem was the filter. With scrutiny, it is discovered the whole of the filter is covered with minute scratches. I must have cleaned the glass with a dirty cloth and ruined its surface. I assume under a specific lighting condition, the light passing through the glass diffracted and caused the soft image.

There is an interesting lesson which correlates to a Blog I recently unfollowed. The author of the Blog is articulate and clear minded. Indeed the writer holds a doctorate. The essay described the writer preferences when reading another individual’s work. The first few paragraphs were taken up with information not required: –

Inaccurate information.
Self Opinion.
Their ‘own’ story.
Self Help.
And describing the ‘best way’ to do something.

I read the essay and felt uncomfortable with the sentiments. Not wanting to form an immediate opinion from one post, I read many of the essays in the Weblog’. After an hour or so, the conclusion is the writer had fulfilled each of the above criteria in the essays.

Of course, it is not for me to judge anyone’s work. This essay is not criticising the author of the essay. There is a valid and interesting point of view in the post. My observation is a paradox, the writer failed to realise the points not liked in other peoples work were the basis for their own. An absolute superiority is suggested by the author’s opinion. Of course, it is our choice to read and write whatever we like. From my standpoint, the beauty of the words and the clarity of the writing is as important as the sentiment or story. For example, I am reading a book on documentary film production at the moment, and Ron Geesin’s chapter on Sound Recording is not only an excellent lesson in the art, but his writing is also superb.

weird effect

The filter produced a weird effect

Let’s return to the writer and the list. Without a doubt, every one of the subjects not liked by the essayist was within the post. Now, the writing is like my camera, capable of expressing incredible imagery. The difficulty is, the writer’s observational filter is scratched, and the information is ‘out of focus’ because they have not taken the trouble to read with a critical mind the sentiments and associations within the essay.

The reader of this article must be aware there is no mention of the name or WordPress site. It is not in my nature to hurt or offend anyone. I respect the opinion and understand why the post is created. Indeed, the style and accuracy of the writer’s style elicit a seed of envy within my being. And many of the previous posts are informative and entertaining.

No Filter and Sharp

No Filter and Sharp (I like meths with my water)

So why have I un-followed the Blog? Because it seems to me, it follows a similar pattern to the camera critics. The: – My camera is better,  Nikon is superior to Canon, and a Leica lens is the benchmark which surpasses all optical designs. The difficulty with the essay, is not accepting that we humans are nosey, inquisitive, gossip’s, interested in news, scandal and intrigue. In reality the majority of humans are flawed, an all the better for our flaws. And the majority of us accept: –

Inaccurate information.
Self Opinion.
Their ‘own’ story.
Self Help.
And describing the ‘best way’ to do something.

As normal aspects of our lives.

Life is not always factual or accurate; we can have a doctorate in physics or brain surgery. There is every reason to be as honest and transparent as gin (big smile H.P). And, for all of our goodness, we are as secure as the worst person in our lives.

Major Announcement

Endless possibilities and opportunities with this concept

LizianEvents News

The Compass Guides Us The Compass Guides Us

Today, we have two major announcements which will affect all of our LizianEvents Community. I would ask you to read this LizianEvents News with care.

Before continuing, we will look at the history of the Mind Body and Spirit Scene. The Mind Body and Spirit Events evolved from the early 1960’s Spiritualist Church movement. The ‘old school’ hierarchy desired to hold onto outmoded ideas. At the time the publics thirst for mediums and psychics resulted in small groups coming together to demonstrate their ‘gifts’ outside of the spiritualist churches. At the same time, the few ‘esoteric’ shops offered services to those interested in the occult. The Mind Body and Spirit Shows were the results of blending mediums and psychics with esoteric retail businesses. There is one final addition, the new age hippy’s of the late 1960’s came back from India and America with alternative spiritual beliefs…

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