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Ian & Jon

Ian & Jon

Today, Ian and Jon Sharpe (with an e) have recorded a spontaneous podcast with no editing. The subject matter is the potentiality of life after death (according to Jon). Jon puts forward his view of buildings being vibrational recorders. Ian talks about a ghostly encounter at Canning Circus. Jon reflects upon a spooky experience at Newstead Abbey. Twelve minutes to record and less than two hours to produce. Hurrah! We did it.

Twenty Minutes – One Thousand Words

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

Random Post

I wonder if evolution is objective.

Fifteen years ago I sat behind a two table stall at a psychic fair selling crystals with Liz. We followed the teaching found in our sales bible, I cannot recall the title, I remember the wisdom of  the principal lessons: –

All items must be priced.
Talk to customers.
The truth loses some and gains many customers.

This formula has always worked for us and continues to do so every day at our small ‘base camp’ at the Victoria Market in Nottingham.

We chose to keep our retail outlet, rather than purchase a shop and office. The equation is simple; the lock up shop limits our working day to nine hours six days a week. Fifty-four hours a week is enough for any average human. I have no interest in the individual who claims business is eighteen hours a day seven days a week. I did this for years without making real headway. The reality is: excessive work for no real return is an indication something is not working. Following a process of no return for extreme effort indicates the victim is looking inward. He is probably convinced his way is the right way; he believes he will succeed in the end.

Truth to tell, the mind and body do not function to maximum advantage when exhausted. To my mind, hard work extended over many years MUST produce a consistent profit. If we work without making a profit ( a gauge of success ), we waste precious life hours. Understanding life hours is an important lesson. I write about this idea in my book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’.  The basic premise is that we exchange the hours in our lives for money. Therefore, if we associate every purchase with the amount of ‘life hours’ expended to buy the item, we have a better way of valuing the possession.

For Example: –

A man earns six pounds an hour after tax. He buys a phone for 600 pounds. Six divided by six hundred equals one hundred: Therefore he works for one-hundred hours to buy the phone. Once we value our possessions in life hours and not money, the perception of the item changes.

We could consider the conversion of life hours into money. The following example explains how the conversion works. The explanation also exposes the ultimate profit system. Whenever humans convert natures produce they will make a profit, the conversion is named a harvest. Oil, minerals, ores and various crops are harvests of the planets gifts. Whoever possess so called ‘rights’ to the harvest will have the greatest earning potential of all. There is no cost of the material; the only cost is the extraction. At the most, basic level life hours will extract the profit. In my example, six trees are ‘felled’ in a garden. The timber is then cut into five tonnes of fire wood; the kindling is sold. My energy and my time converted the timber ( harvesting natures produce ) into a saleable item. If I owned a large enough area of land, I could grow trees to cut for timber. Well possibly not, however, you can grasp the idea. In fact, I do grow plants which I intend to sell. No not dope or anything illegal, just succulents and cacti. My experiment is to see if I can ‘grow’ some plants into one thousand pounds. If the idea is successful, I may take it further.

Stones Have a Value

Stones Have a Value

A friend asks me: ‘What is a success?’ – I find this question interesting because he is a successful man. His marriage and family are secure, close and happy. He is successful; he is materially comfortable and respected. His question demonstrates that success is evasive because the word suggests something which is difficult to define. For examples, people say:-

‘How can I be successful?’
‘I want to be successful.’
‘Success is around the corner.’

And yet, if pushed to define ‘success’ they fluster ‘Ah well! Success is a beautiful house, car, relationship.’ I wonder if relationship, house or car is a sign of success? Maybe success is holistic, a complete and unified effort to become a human of integrity.

When I interview someone who is wealthy, I ask ‘Did you decide to become rich?’ It is a confusing question, ask it when you talk to a rich individual. Some comment truthfully ‘I’ve never thought about it’ others will say ‘No, I love my work’. My favourite answer was from a hairdresser ‘I saw how much money my employer earned. I thought I can do this, and watched her for the next eighteen months. Yes, I did decide to become rich.’

If you think about the last answer, it is wise to consider the process. Fiona, says ‘I thought, I can do this, and watched her for the next eighteen months.’ Do we accept Fiona learned a process which worked and then made the process better? I feel she did so, as she now owns eight shops. Fiona followed the secret of success, she watched and learned an existing process and improved the way it worked. Liz and I read a book about selling to the public, followed the lesson in the book and made a profit.

The idea of life hours is core to meeting our objective. The aim is to work in the best possible way and understand the process of anything we need to use or utilise. For examples we need to know how to: –

Produce video promotions.
Write essays.
Understand how to look after our web presence.
Demonstrate a preference to place performance before profit.
Assess the progress of our efforts.
Know when to change direction.
Understand the objective.
The objective is the method of attainment.

Is the objective the method of attainment? This writer is convinced when a project is fulfilled it stagnates, and once it stagnates, it is dying. The flowers may seem to bloom, although the soil is sterile and the garden will turn to the bramble.

Times up and one thousand words are written in this exercise of free flowing thoughts

See You Soon

Baden Powell - Be Prepared

Baden Powell – Be Prepared

Out of Focus

Ignore the title; this is not an essay about cameras. I am tired of cameras and the arguments about which is better and how one lens is sharper than another. Truth to tell all cameras are good and phone cameras are exceptional. If you want to know the truth about cameras, follow the idea of an expert. A friend, Geoffrey Christen, who sold more cameras than you could shake a stick at, used to say: ‘Pick it up, if it feels right, it will be good.’ Geoff is correct.

I use one camera, a Canon. I use its standard zoom lens; it is a good camera. There is no interest in pixels and resolution. The criteria are, will the image look good on a computer screen. Will the videos be clear and good enough for my work?

It is interesting to read the information people write about cameras on their blogs and websites. They compare the latest X with last years B and talk about pictures being printed at A3 or A2. When was the last time you printed an image at A2? Probably never and probably never will. So why does it matter if one instrument slightly out-resolves another? There is no importance to the questions or the answers. The observations are valid and at the same time of no importance. Chances are you’ll only put images on the internet or your phone.

For all you have read about my opinion about cameras, earlier this week I looked at some pictures taken with my Canon, and many seemed out of focus. This disappointed me because the pictures were of Alice standing next to an ancient tree in Canterbury Cathedral grounds. The chances of retaking the frames are next to non-existent. Alice is growing, and it will be some years before we visit Canterbury again.

Unsharp Image

Unsharp Image because of the filter

I reviewed many of the pictures taken and realised many were out of focus. I checked the camera and its settings. Reset the camera to factory settings. I continued the tests using the basic and my own camera profiles, and the pictures continued to fulfil the expectation. They were not as ‘bad’ as the Cathedral images, although, there certainly was ‘something’ wrong with the pictures.

As a last resort, the protective filter screwed to the lens was removed, and a few test frames were made. The results were as sharp as a pin, contrasty, with vibrant colours. Two hours wasted, the problem was the filter. With scrutiny, it is discovered the whole of the filter is covered with minute scratches. I must have cleaned the glass with a dirty cloth and ruined its surface. I assume under a specific lighting condition, the light passing through the glass diffracted and caused the soft image.

There is an interesting lesson which correlates to a Blog I recently unfollowed. The author of the Blog is articulate and clear minded. Indeed the writer holds a doctorate. The essay described the writer preferences when reading another individual’s work. The first few paragraphs were taken up with information not required: –

Inaccurate information.
Self Opinion.
Their ‘own’ story.
Self Help.
And describing the ‘best way’ to do something.

I read the essay and felt uncomfortable with the sentiments. Not wanting to form an immediate opinion from one post, I read many of the essays in the Weblog’. After an hour or so, the conclusion is the writer had fulfilled each of the above criteria in the essays.

Of course, it is not for me to judge anyone’s work. This essay is not criticising the author of the essay. There is a valid and interesting point of view in the post. My observation is a paradox, the writer failed to realise the points not liked in other peoples work were the basis for their own. An absolute superiority is suggested by the author’s opinion. Of course, it is our choice to read and write whatever we like. From my standpoint, the beauty of the words and the clarity of the writing is as important as the sentiment or story. For example, I am reading a book on documentary film production at the moment, and Ron Geesin’s chapter on Sound Recording is not only an excellent lesson in the art, but his writing is also superb.

weird effect

The filter produced a weird effect

Let’s return to the writer and the list. Without a doubt, every one of the subjects not liked by the essayist was within the post. Now, the writing is like my camera, capable of expressing incredible imagery. The difficulty is, the writer’s observational filter is scratched, and the information is ‘out of focus’ because they have not taken the trouble to read with a critical mind the sentiments and associations within the essay.

The reader of this article must be aware there is no mention of the name or WordPress site. It is not in my nature to hurt or offend anyone. I respect the opinion and understand why the post is created. Indeed, the style and accuracy of the writer’s style elicit a seed of envy within my being. And many of the previous posts are informative and entertaining.

No Filter and Sharp

No Filter and Sharp (I like meths with my water)

So why have I un-followed the Blog? Because it seems to me, it follows a similar pattern to the camera critics. The: – My camera is better,  Nikon is superior to Canon, and a Leica lens is the benchmark which surpasses all optical designs. The difficulty with the essay, is not accepting that we humans are nosey, inquisitive, gossip’s, interested in news, scandal and intrigue. In reality the majority of humans are flawed, an all the better for our flaws. And the majority of us accept: –

Inaccurate information.
Self Opinion.
Their ‘own’ story.
Self Help.
And describing the ‘best way’ to do something.

As normal aspects of our lives.

Life is not always factual or accurate; we can have a doctorate in physics or brain surgery. There is every reason to be as honest and transparent as gin (big smile H.P). And, for all of our goodness, we are as secure as the worst person in our lives.

Major Announcement

Endless possibilities and opportunities with this concept

LizianEvents News

The Compass Guides Us The Compass Guides Us

Today, we have two major announcements which will affect all of our LizianEvents Community. I would ask you to read this LizianEvents News with care.

Before continuing, we will look at the history of the Mind Body and Spirit Scene. The Mind Body and Spirit Events evolved from the early 1960’s Spiritualist Church movement. The ‘old school’ hierarchy desired to hold onto outmoded ideas. At the time the publics thirst for mediums and psychics resulted in small groups coming together to demonstrate their ‘gifts’ outside of the spiritualist churches. At the same time, the few ‘esoteric’ shops offered services to those interested in the occult. The Mind Body and Spirit Shows were the results of blending mediums and psychics with esoteric retail businesses. There is one final addition, the new age hippy’s of the late 1960’s came back from India and America with alternative spiritual beliefs…

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An Essay I Wrote for LizianEvents

The Great Epoch

An Experiment with Ideas – It is fascinating the way we conceive issues, situations, or possessions. Only when we actually experience something do we have a full understanding of it. Maybe our Events and the Community who make it thrive, have to be experienced before the Ethos is fully understood.



Some years ago I spent some time with a classic motor car. It is considered one of the most beautiful cars produced. It is the Ferrari 246 Dino. I drove the car for many miles, and it is a delight to push quite hard on the roads. While driving a thoroughbred, you notice people watch you and the car. They wonder about the who and the what of the situation. Of course, there is no who or what, the fact is a man is driving a rare car; with only 2500 examples produced.

Before continuing, you must remember I drove the 246 for many miles, and there is a clear recollection of the motor car. Yes, it is fairly brisk to drive, although not as fast as believed. It was incredibly predictable around bends, and it would be interesting to drive one today with modern tyres. This information is all any driver would need to know about the Dino.

I will upset the Ferrari fan. The 264 Dino is easily out paced by a VW Golf 16 valve. It is certain; the new VW Golf would whip it to death. There is no apology for writing this; the Golf is a better car, apart from two factors; one the pedigree and, two, is its rarity. Either is of no consequence to a critical thinker. We allow common sense to overwhelm nostalgia and illusion. When someone chooses to pay 350 thousand pounds for a 246 Dino today, they have to be wealthy and can do as they like with their loot. There is no reason to envy them or qualify their purchase, ninety percent of people live in houses worth less than the Ferrari, and most spend twenty-five years paying the mortgage. Therefore, the reality is, the car is insignificant and not worth wasting time considering.

Red Italian

Red Italian

I am reminded of the 246 because of pictures I recorded in The Sterile City (Nottingham) over the weekend. The images are of another Red Italian and a Tyre company. If we consider the two images we realise, we are as strong as its weakest link, and the Master is a slave to the servant. Without the humble rubber tyre, the car travels nowhere. The reader will correctly comment ‘It is a none argument, tyres will always be available.’ There is agreement, and yet the reader must concede to the truth of the observation.

Nothing Moves Without Tyres

Nothing Moves Without Tyres

There are many parts to any equation. The most complex is the equation of Social Beehives. The vast percentage comply to the rules, and a few do not, these are the weakest link. It matters not if they are the top or bottom of the hierarchy, it seems they are the ones who prefer to call the tune to be played. The majority conform to the future, and the minorities, take whatever is an easy picking. The majority is becoming tired of the minority; we are entering a new Epoch. One of less compassion and the taking of responsibility.

The hard truth is, those who are taking responsibility for their lives are becoming intolerant of those who do not. The Ferrari is not what it seems, the People’s majority Golf is as competent, leaner and is more adaptable than the minority illusion. The interpretation of the word Spiritual is shifting from supposition to integrity. Once there were fundamental beliefs which could not be questioned, now everything is questioned. We choose to be part of a thriving community, and we work for the Well Being of our Community.

We choose to be part of a thriving community, and we work for the Well Being of our Community. The unattainable (to most) Ferrari is like a Spiritual illusion, millions of people believe the image – Although the attainable Golf is an achievable reality.

For some time I have considered the potential of a focussed personal environment. An idea which dictates, only becoming active with and for those who affect one’s life. In my work environment, there is a great fortune, Liz and I work to promote around seventy people and their success. We benefit from the communities success, and we do not see our future in any other way. It is interesting more people are showing a keen interest in our endeavours. It is fair to comment a significant percentage of our community now see the potential of a unified effort to success. It is evident visitors are also being guided by our Events, through the transparency of the Ethos.

Not all will understand our Hive of Activity

Each day we receive interest from new exhibitors. And it is inevitable because of our ‘First come first stand’ policy; many will have to be added to the waiting list. We have to choose those added to the Community with care, as it is our desire to keep a balance within the Exhibiting Community. Until we have our magic 500 + visitors to each event, there is not the slightest chance of changing the stand numbers.

I can use one application as an example of how we deal with some issues. A potential exhibitor wanted to know about attendance figures and how we could guarantee the numbers through the door. The applicant showed a keen interest in the response from ‘Exhibitors’ about our performance and our ability to organise the events. This type of question will receive the same answer; it is one which sometimes fails to be understood. It is the Red Car syndrome; the voyeur has already formed an opinion of how they perceive the image. The reality is; you have to drive it to know the experience.

Liz invited the potential ‘exhibitor’ to contact any of member of our Community and receive an unbiased opinion. There is often a disappointment when Liz informs potential ‘exhibitors’ that the Community takes responsibility for contribution to promotion. There is difficulty in understanding this concept; so Liz sometimes expands with this sobering fact: ‘Before the Lincoln Well Being Event I posted 700 pounds worth of mail-outs. During the Event, we stamped the tickets of sixteen of these cards. The number of presented cards equates to forty – pounds per visitor. The majority of visitors came because of our social media interaction and the awareness of our Community Members.’

We cannot own the Ferrari; we can own the reliable and attainable Golf. We may choose not be the minority; we can choose the majority who takes responsibility for our Environment. It is fair to say our Community cannot carry those who desire to take the honey and not gather the pollen. Dino or Golf? I’ll take the VW every time.

Let us consider some recent figures to discover how our Community are working to make our hive thrive: –

2700 Vimeo Views
1240 LizianEvents News views each week
1000’s of FaceBook Likes and Shares
From May to Today: – 121 LizianEvents News Posts
864 LizianEvents FaceBook Followers
2776 FaceBook post reach this week

That’s the work of the Community – As you continue to share and like you will taste the honey of your efforts.

See You Soon


I am lion

You see me as stone, I see you as stone heart, cold and somewhat foolish. I am the left-lion where humans meet on their first date. There is no counting how many girls and boys curse the lover who failed to arrive. I wish they could have my lions heart, to replace their broken hope.

Let’s go for a walk, be by my side. We do not have to go far today. Left by the council house, up the hill along the tram lines. On the right is a ‘human glitter shop’ – Sparkling carbon for thirty-six thousand pounds. In Africa, where my spirit lives, there are millions of carbon rocks. The strange human believes the firework crystals are rare; intelligence is a stranger to them. I listen to beggars asking for the price of coffee. Kids are counting penny pocket money. Mothers are giving their last penny for an ice-cream.

In the same shop, I see watches costing the price of a year’s wages. Tick tock time has no value to an unhappy heart. There is no way the metal and springs can be worth the price of time. It’s the name; the price is in the name. I hear the evidence as I sit on my pedestal ‘I paid triple-X for this, it’s a name’ ‘Look at her she’s wearing a name’ ‘I’m saving up to buy a name.’

How do I know about money? I listen to everything as I sit guardian to the council house. Dealer, lover, thief, beggar, lying drunk, all is watched by my cold eyes, all listened to by my silent ears. And my spirit roams the city because there is nothing hidden from me. In passing conversations, hatred, love, plots, plans, conspiracy. All enter nothing lost; I have known millions of people, wealthy to pauper. They all cry the same tears, hearts bleed the same blood, have the same fears.

The citizens are proof of the different clothes shops, all types accounted for, from Haute to tat. Friday and Saturday nights; out they come, dressed and ready to drink. Immaculate at seven – Bedraggled, sick and penniless at drunken midnight heaven. Greetings, names, friends, arguments, enemy, fights (girls are the worse) and a taxi home. The lies I hear, the lies believed, anything for an evening of illusional romance. I know about the shallowness of human love.

I miss nothing; all is a stone lions prey. And talking about prayer; there is no accounting the number of prayers. The shunned lovers, broken hearted, ‘I pray for rain’ ‘I pray he’ll listen to me’ ‘I pray she gets well’ The memories of years past ‘I remember when we met by this lion’ ‘I wish I’d never seen this lion’ It all begins with ‘Lets’ meet at the left-lion’ and too often ends in a drunken argument.

I have been touched by many celebrities, watched Brian Clough (my favourite) seen wartime bombers miss their target and my magnificent square is broken up by urban traitors. I sigh in sorrow as big wheel spins, and fake beaches degrade the city. There is jubilation when winning teams and Olympians return cups and medals in hand. Waves to our queen, heat wave crazy days all watched by my stone grey eyes.

An Essay I Wrote For LizianEvents

I continue with the second card in the review of the Parallel Worlds Tarot by Astrid Amadori. The Devil is the selected card. Pamela Colman Smith’s design of The Devil is considerably different to the Devil depicted by Astrid. Although, Astrid’s interpretation has brilliantly modernised the sentiment of the card. Before continuing the reader should […]

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An essay I wrote for LizianEvents

LizianEvents News

The Tarot is an instrument of creativity. Many see it is as a divination tool. The Church once called it ‘Devils Picture Book,’ and they were half right. It is a picture book, although we must cast doubt if the Devil has anything to do with its creation. I am confident if does Lucifer exists, he prefers: – Pistols, machine guns, cruelty, tyrants, and politicians to paint accurate images of his work. It seems to me, the seventy-eight symbols printed on cardboard are less dangerous than a daily Big Mac.

I purchased my first Tarot in 1972 from The Atlantis Book Shop (Link Here). My memory seems to point me toward a price of £1:50 for the Rider Waite Smith Deck (R.W.S). I do remember the lady in the shop had a beautiful smile and was surprised when I asked her for a particular deck. I know why…

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Alexandra Bastedo

Alexandra Bastedo

I do not have a favourite 1960’s tv show; because all are my first choice. The Baron, Saint, Man in a Suitcase, The Champions (Alexandria Bastedo a dream girl), The Avengers (Linda Thorson’s portrait of Tara King is superb) the list is endless.

Linda Thorsen

Linda Thorsen (heartthrob)

My love of spy, crime and pseudo action shows cannot wane. Nostalgia waxes my creative mind. The stories, characters and production combine to produce a viewing encounter unique to the era. The ‘punchy’ bright and vibrant colours seal my fate, I find the programmes more addictive than tobacco.

The Prisoner - Patrick McGoohan

The Prisoner – Patrick McGoohan

Over the last few days, I have revisited ‘The Prisoner’ starring Patrick McGoohan. Anyone who has watched the series knows its uniqueness. The seventeen episodes have influenced writers, actors and film directors over the last four decades. If there is a television series which keeps the viewer guessing, this is the one. McGoohan was asked many times about the meaning of the series; he gave unsatisfactory answers. My feeling is, it’s a reflection of being imprisoned by fears.

The programmes hold another lesson. As I watch the episodes, I realise there are millions of people who: – 1) Would not know about the series and 2) would not recognise or know the names of the players. At the time of production and broadcast, millions of people around the world saw the programmes. Forty years later they rest in a desert known as insignificance.

Think how well known and famous the programmes and actors were at the time. And now they have vanished from existence. Today while looking after my partners market stall, I took the opportunity to talk about the programs to the customers. The first sixteen customers looked at me with the classical vacant stare. I gave up the quest to talk to someone about the programmes. Believing me to be talking some form of secret code, they purchased incense sticks and with ‘It’s a busy day today’ ‘Not too much time today’ ‘See you later in the week’ left me to my insanity.

I’m running out of time.

The programmes made me think. If the television series ‘stars’ who were once ‘household names’ are forgotten. What hope has a human of being remembered by anyone outside his close and personal environment? In reality, we are insignificant. Those who work a lifetime chasing recognition and fame waste their life hours. Recognised or not, in the long term all of us are insignificant.

Times up – It is a 10-minute essay

Keep Moving

Picture by Alice Stanford Age Four

Fulfilling objectives is easier when there is no comparison to other people. Those who most often succeed, have no interest in comparison. They understand the temptation to steal the ideas of others results in becoming on the same level. The one sin of theft is never allowed to stain their being. Truth, integrity, honesty are just three of many words within their vocabulary.

The problem with taking other people’s ideas, everyone sees the truth. Obvious plagiarism is a real and present danger to reaching objectives. Remember we do not make success, people make us successful. When an individual makes a change, comparisons are inevitable. In business customers WILL look at similar internet sites. When themes, ideas, innovation are seen to be lifted from another individual, bang! The thief has a hole in the head. Those who know us judge who we are. To make three people happy is fine, upset one and a distorted story travels like a bush fire.

The innovator stays on his toes, knowing movement change and evolution is essential to the future life. Character, personality, family, friends, home, work, all become an active part of their existence. Always search for fresh ways of viewing the environment, keep on moving. The clear-minded person is continually sharpening the way he is perceived; this is a difficult task an honest human will relish.

Remember the secret of progress: The smaller and more efficient the steps the greater the probability of reaching maturity. Each day, a ‘master’ works toward creating a beautiful thought, idea, an object of art, conversation, or friendship. This dedication ensures the next step becomes easier to achieve.

Each moment of life we set own level. The objective should always be in the forefront, within mind, sight, knowledge or understanding. Remember it is in the future where success awaits. Many make the mistake of referencing outdated successes. Previous success is boring. As is recalling failure, failure or overcoming adversity is a sign mistake were made in the first instance. Who cares if the business was set up on a shoestring? Holy expletive, we all begin on a shoestring.

Commerce is the same, find a product, a place of sale, a customer. In between the product and the client is a salesperson. On the internet, the in-between is the sales platform. The words on the sales platform are ‘approved’ by the owner. The customer knows this; the visitor knows this, do not attempt to fool them. They know the reality and see everything, know everything, watch and listen to everything about the product. They make their choice; the product has to fulfill the promise.

The summit is the completion of an objective. The climb is where we are at any one time. Most often the climber is too close to the mountain to see the summit. The great mountaineer is fit and healthy, continually practicing, to become a master of the technique. Other climbers can climb the high peak. Each one follows their route; the objective is the reward, not fame or recognition.

Could an individual paraphrase the previous paragraphs and use them to personal advantage? Why would they want to do this?

Because the seven paragraphs you have read are the methods of: –

Steven Jobs
Bill Gates
Mother Teresa
Robert Oppenheimer
Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts
George Clooney
Ram Dass
Richard Bach

How many more names? The list is endless.

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