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Ian and Jon’s God Spot

Ian and Jon talk about Jung’s Symbolism, and then the interview charts the dangerous, perilous waters of religion. Although, hang on a second, not belief as you know it. No, religion according to St Jon of Wicca. Our learned saint offers the suggestion all religion derives from one cultural source of wisdom. He then takes us on a voyage across the oceans to Atlantis. I know, there is nothing more to say. Just listen to our intrepid saint who was canonised only last week, after being burned as a heretic.

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Ian and Jon – The Lower Red Lion Ghost

The popularity of the Spooktacular means we have recorded another of Jon’s ghost stories. Today’s encounter happened when he stayed at The Lower Red Lion Pub in St Albans.

The Lower Red Lion – St Albans

The haunted room is above the arch in this image.

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Ian and Jon Spooktacular PodCast

Ian & Jon

Ian & Jon

Today, Ian and Jon Sharpe (with an e) have recorded a spontaneous podcast with no editing. The subject matter is the potentiality of life after death (according to Jon). Jon puts forward his view of buildings being vibrational recorders. Ian talks about a ghostly encounter at Canning Circus. Jon reflects upon a spooky experience at Newstead Abbey. Twelve minutes to record and less than two hours to produce. Hurrah! We did it.



No Man's Land

No Man’s Land

This podcast was recorded at Nottingham’s Victoria Centre Market on 31 January 2017. I am in conversation with Jonathan Sharp, and we talk about Limbo. Both Limbo the dance and Limbo the spiritual dimension. The religious aspect of Limbo the no longer exists, it was dissolved by Papal decree in 2007. Traditionally Limbo Land was a place between Heaven and Hell created for children who died before baptism.

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The concept of purgatory is a process not a place, so Jonathan may well be correct in his assumption that hell is on Earth. Augustine’s opinion negates the idea of unbaptised children condemned to punishment in Limbo, he decreed children relegated to Limbo enjoyed a real happiness. So no problems if you were concerned about the unbaptised souls. There is still interesting comparisons to Limbo refugee souls, and the terrible plight of the millions of displaced humans surviving in refugee camps. It seems the world’s leaders are beginning close the gates of heaven and hells, and the millions who live in refugee limbo have no chance of a Papal decree to save them. In the meantime, they live in purgatory.


See The Real Issue

See The Real Issue


This twelve minute podcast contains Ian and Jonathan’s ideas about charity. The whole recording was an hour long and this short exert was chosen as the content is 1) thought provoking 2) somewhat contentious 3) a good subject for the student of critical thinking to reason through.

The listener can work through the implications of political intervention which set fire-storms of war, deliberately started to enable the theft of property owned by innocent people. This horrific crime has been used for decades to gain title to the resources which are used by you and me every day.

Open-minded thinking can only work to our advantage if we learn to be able to listen to all aspects of an issue. Large establishments use manipulated emotional sentiment to carry the weigh of their opinion. Charities rely on emotional influence and many have become business’s, hidden behind a sanctimonious cloak.

The podcast lasts for thirteen minutes and was recorded in the Victoria Market Nottingham. Many thanks to Liz Clark for allowing us to use her stall for the temporary studio.

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Poison Pen Answer

Click to Go To Darren's Site

Click to Go To Darren’s Site

I interview Darren Stanton about Poison Pen & Social Media attacks. He talks about his personal experiences and how to deal with this all too regular occurring conundrum. The interview lasts for approximately sixteen minutes.


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Sharpe Observations


Jon at Work

Jon at Work

The focus of this podcast is the influences of childhood. It marks the beginning of podcasts which are directly concerned with the release of the second edition of ‘Never Let Anything Worry You.’

The book is a reflection upon the hundreds of interviews I have made over the last ten years. Because of the intimate nature of the discussions and the agreements of privacy entered into with previous interviewees, new recordings of specific subjects are being made.

In the future, the Ian Timothy Blog will be directed toward the book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ and The Philosophy of Selfness.

In this interview, Jonathan Sharpe talks about childhood influence. There are six influences in his early years; Grandmother, mother, father, two friends and the actress Kate O’Mara who was a friend. I do not usually edit the podcasts although during the production of this one I have made some slight adjustments to the original recording.

Jon Listens to the Recording

Jon Listens to the Recording

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Podcast from Studland Bay



Podcast 24th August 2016

This podcast was recorded on Studland Bay’s Middle Beach 17th August 2016. The thoughts are random. I think the background atmosphere is more endearing  than my reflections! I decided not to edit the recording.

Always Sand-Castles

Always Sand-Castles

It is a reflection upon the cycles of life. My first memories of this beach were around 1961 when I was three year’s old. Apart from the work of the National Trust, car parking and the toilets and kiosk, there is little change.



My mother had some 8mm films of the holidays enjoyed in Dorset.  I can remember watching them in the mid-1970’s. I would like to own them today, unfortunately, she disposed of them soon after my final viewing. A real pity. I mention the films because I asked my mother when she had taken the footage ‘Around 1964, I should think’ was her reply and, this keeps the date line fairly accurate.

Middle Beach View

Middle Beach View

The star of the day at the beach was Alice. She is having a tonsillectomy today and will probably be arriving at the hospital as I write this post. My thoughts are with you Alice xxx .

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Looking towards Bournemouth

Looking towards Bournemouth

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Conversation with Jonathan Sharpe

Here is a 40 minute conversation with writer and thespian Jonathan Sharpe. If you enjoy listening to a fast thinking conversationalist Jonathan’s your man. There are many intelligent people in this world with a mindful of facts and statistics. There are few who can combine, creativity, intellect, humour and personality as well as Jonathan. I am proud to be able to call him friend. The podcast is a conversation on ideas relevant to writing. It is, what it is; a conversation between two friends. The picture of the wash basin, and three mirrors are relevant to a part of the recording. The image clarifies the section where we construct the bare bones of a story.

Jonathan Sharpe

Jonathan Sharpe listens to the recording

This podcast was recorded on 1st June 2016 in Nottingham. I decided not to edit it in any way as the spontaneous aspect of the recording can be felt with the ‘raw’ edged style.


The three mirrors!

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Overwhelming The Critic – Interview with Mr Darren Stanton

This interview will be of benefit to any one who becomes or is subject to the effects of the critic.

Darren is a busy man and I had to entice him to take a break for a busy schedule – I know if he’d been asked to record an interview he may not have agreed to it. He’d expressed a need to see the exhibition after reading my ironically poor review I wrote two weeks ago!

Another Booking During The Interview

Another Booking During The Interview

The photo above was taken during the interview. Darren takes a booking for a Radio interview in London with Radio Six.  Believe me when I write his phone never stopped flashing during the interview – Darren IS most certainly in demand.

Listening To The Interview

Listening To The Interview

Mr Stanton insisted on listening to the interview “Censorship Darren?”  “Bet you life Ian! I’m in the medias eye and I am careful what is released. The mistake of those working to find success is that they are shoddy in the execution of their work. Execution is the right work by the way. Once ones work is out on the net, it cannot be taken back.”  Sound advise for anyone climbing the ladder of success in T.V and Radio.

Darren's Determination

Darren’s Determination

You can see Darren’s determined attitude in this image. Make no mistake its ‘Game On’ and this man only plays to win.

Darren’s web site is all pictures in the podcast are linked to his site.