The Sentiment is Death

A child is dying, there is no reprise, god has confirmed the warrant.

A friend is a kind man, he’s been through the mill and it shows. Jack, we’ll call him Jack because he is real, and it seem’s best if he has a name. Jack lived in a box for many years. The judge signed the tariff in the same way god agreed the child’s warrant.

I do not know the child’s name.

Jack’s appearance hide’s his genius: His years in the box were shortened with books. He knows about science, words, literature, the human body, and drugs. One book a week, fifty-two weeks of the year for almost three decades. Ask him how the body works and he will talk about enzymes, DNA, and capillaries. Jack may not have a qualification, I’d bet a grand for a penny he really knows how the body works. Our good-fellow also knows the properties of drugs, both legal and illegal. At this moment I’m taking an antibiotic; Jack explained how it is working, I believe him when he says ‘It will fix your problem.’ Jack understands how chemicals effect the body.

Jack tell’s me about a recreational drug called ‘Spice’ – ‘If you smoke it, there is a possibility, a one in twenty chance it will kill you. It is a non-negotiable chemical death’ Jack describes how it produces a chemical block which stops the heart….dead. I decide the details and the chemical processes which arrest the blood pump are too complex to memorize.

A child is dying in the hospital.

Four Minute Essay

Who Do Voodoo?

Who Do Voodoo?

A woman said ‘You look like a man who knows about phones’
‘I don’t know anything about phones – I buy a new one every three to four years’
“Do you know where there is a phone shop on the market?’
‘Go to the end of the market – turn left – the stall is called Funky Phones’

Three minutes pass, and she returns ‘Are they by the Cafe?’
‘No they are to the left of the cafe.’
‘What are they called?’
‘Funky Phones’
‘I’ll go and see if I can find them – What are they called?’
‘Funky Phones’
‘Are they any good?’
‘I don’t know – I never need to use them.’
‘Their name doesn’t seem very reassuring.’
‘I cannot comment.’
‘What are they called?’

I write the name on a piece of paper and draw a map of where the phone shop is: She looks at it….
‘Thanks for drawing the map.’

I’m good at drawing maps – Alice and I draw five or more each day – Pirate maps, treasure maps, seaside maps, TinTin maps.

She’s back ‘ The plan was brilliant, thank you very much, they’re closed, if you have drawn the map in the first place, my phone would have been fixed.’

I’m not too sure what to say, she looks at me and begins to walk away. I sense she will turn around…
‘Do you know how to fix phones?’
‘No – I don’t know anything about phones’
‘Do you know? You are the most ignorant man.’

I smile, and she is gone.
I have decided to drink two glasses of malt whiskey.

Take A Band Stand

Awaiting Its Fate

Awaiting Its Fate

People pictures are excellent. However, building pictures tell stories about people. Today I’m recording a short information video for LizianEvents, part of the remit is to use different sites around Nottingham. The Victorian Embankment holds tens of possibilities. We park the vehicle and walk into a small park by the War Memorial.

It is a windy day, and there is an area set down below the surrounding walls, perfect for recording. I see a structure to my left which immediately appeals to me. My emotions are affected by design, the Hoover Dam, Bauhaus Museum, Eastern Berlin U-Bahn stations, Durham Cathedral captivate my imagination. My mind goes beyond the buildings, the visions of previous occupants and histories are part of the pleasure. The Band Stand to the left has captivated my emotions, the sweeping curves of the outdoor theatre seating perfect the scene.

Sweeping Theatre

Sweeping Theatre Seating

It is easy to construct an image of a Brass Band or a quintet; my mind reviews a summer evening and a group of players performing ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. A small audience applauds the interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece as the group of thespians takes their bows.

Once a place of happiness, now a testament to the ignorance of the ‘few’ who blight the lives of the ‘many’. This country is no Churchill’s Land fighting oppressors; it is a land of oppressed fighting the greed of land-lords. There are two extremes in society – The mindless vandal, and the mindless slave to desire who vandalises people’s hope and inspirations. One has nothing, the other everything; both have the same mindset.

Right Side of Society

Right Side of Society

Between the two are the majority of which I am one, we respect each other. We are not racist, bigots or greedy. We would wish to live in a world where we are respected and given freedom. Not treated with contempt by politicians and treated like children by officialdom. The politician cares for the landlord and vandal, officialdom taxes the majority and gives to the wreckless. I hope you enter into the meaning of my sentiments.

I see this in the buildings vandalism. The sorrow of its plight, the hope that it may be repaired, is countered by fear the horror of fire may return. If the Band Stand is renovated, it would be fenced in and made secure. No longer would we be able to walk around the design, it would be viewed from afar, isolated, alone and untouched.

There is another dimension to the sadness of the violated structure. What if it were to be made safe and secure. It’s sliding doors wide open, never to be closed again? What if the scarred and burned charcoal was varnished and the interior preserved in the present damaged state? Later plays are performed, and bands play again in the flame damaged shell? On the days when The Band Stand stands silent, all who walk by can see the ‘made safe’ and unrestored building. There is a sign made from non-combustible galvanized steel, it informs:-

‘Here is a testament to the mindlessness of man, ruined by the selfish and greedy.
Here is a testament to the poor and oppressed, who survive although scarred and broken’

SeaSide SnapShot


Nice Man

Nice Man

Why would a ‘snapshot’ image of a man and his dog be interesting? It is the place, and the time, the word is ‘event.’ We enjoy looking at images which ask why’s, where and hows. Even though we are resistant to answer questions about our own how, why and where’s. Bruce Chatwin sums up much of life with the title of his book ‘How Did I Get Here?’ We all ask this question at some time in our life.

The man with the dog is an excellent chap; his animal needs to be on the beach. One moment the canine is sitting down, the next pulling at the lead. It is a snapshot, I’m too close to reframe the composition. We do not need to see the bigger picture, there is enough to recreate the memory.

Sax Blower

Sax Blower

The Sax Blower was stoned out of his mind. You could smell the weed ten meters away. His sign claimed he’d just returned from Glastonbury and needed a few quid for his travels. Problem is, the sign is tatty and old, festival old. In reality his dope habit the priority. I threw in a one Euro coin which seemed to be apt for a nomad. Don’t ask me why I think the Euro was suitable; maybe you could work it out.

Awaiting Disaster

Awaiting Disaster

The family is ‘snapping’  a child on the ‘Big Wheel’ in this case it’s a ‘Dodgy Wheel’ – I have a fascination with ‘clapped out’ English seaside rides. We bemoan drink-drivers, larger louts, suicidal motorcyclists, and previously mentioned addicts and climb on a rusting twenty-year-old Meccano fairground attraction without a weighing up the odds.

Happy Diners

Happy Diners

The couple in the last snap are leaving my favorite Fish & Chip Shop (Chip shops are always ampersand not and) Ernie Becketts. It is evident to me they are in shock as anyone would be, leaving this Palace of Haute Cuisine.

All Pics taken with a Pentax MX + 40mm f2.8 lens + FomaPan 100 developed in Rodinal 50+1

Paradoxical Intention

All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye

Sifting through my MP3 folder titled ‘Recorded Talks’ I discover it contains 83 files. One presentation is a history of the book “The Richest Man in Babylon”. Toward the end, I talk about how the internet will change our lives.

‘Do not worry about political control and lies. The internet will ultimately change politicians rhetoric from lies to half truth and distorted fact. In the long term, the politician’s foe will not be opposition party’s – it will be the internet.’ Many cannot believe this to be accurate. The fact is becoming a reality.

I continue: ’The internet will guide a critical thinker to return to freedom. People will keep cars longer, become less fashion conscious and spend less. Identity and integrity will become more important than wealth and illusional success.’

The microphone used has a tight pattern, and I cannot hear the audience’s response. I do remember the expressions of uncertainty and a visitor questioning the final statements after the presentation. The ideas have some merit, the suggestions made six years ago, have a degree of accuracy which provides hope to the future.

Political activist Gina Miller has joined the General Election affray with a pledge to ‘support any politician who opposes a ‘hard’ Brexit. Whatever this means is of no interest, anyone who believes they can overwhelm a democratic vote has no place in my reasoning. I have little concern for the pros and cons of Gina’s crusade. I do have an interest in critical thinking and the influence of words. In this instance ‘conformation bias’ comes into play.

‘Confirmation Bias’ dictates a closed minded thinker will become in agreement with anything which confirms their beliefs. An understanding of this idea will be of comfort to all who attacked by Gina’s determination to undermine the election vote. Anyone who aligns themselves against the referendum outcome will, in fact, re-enforce the original result! Gina offers a pipe dream as useless as a lifebuoy in a winters Baltic swell.

Now, let us use psychology to predict the outcome of the forthcoming election. I used the same reasoning for my ‘out’ referendum prediction. I predict a massive Conservative win. It will be of such magnitude, the landscape of this country will change forever. And Gina will have played a major part in the result. If Blair and Mandelson decided to enter the arena, the Conservatives would laugh all the way to the winner’s podium. I doubt whether opposition parties will easily recover from the sledgehammer swing to the right.

The psychological effect in play is named paradoxical intention. For example: Gina says ‘I do not want you to think about Hard Brexit. I want you to think about my ideas’, and she causes many to vote against any idea she puts forward. Right or wrong she has a problem.

The key is 99% of people are not critical thinkers, and most people see the person, not the message. Blair, Mandelson are viewed by most people as greedy and corrupt. Gina is seen outside of her domain as a millionaire, lawyer and business woman. No matter how much the trio shouts out their ideals, their opinion will not be trusted, millions of people will vote because of their reputation, looks and social position, not their arguments. This phenomenon is known as ‘halo effect.’

You may counter the argument and suggest ‘Gina’s raised £2 million with her crowd funding, this shows how many people are with her.’ Critical Thinking works through the gifts. If two hundred thousand people give ten pounds each,  this equates to two million pounds. It is certain the gifts come from people who already voted against leaving the E.U. Therefore the amount, in reality, is insignificant.

There is a further problem for Gina, does she believe she can influence the democratically voted politicians and their constituents? If she does, paradoxical intention works against her again ‘You will listen to what I have to say’ will turn those she is attempting to influence against her. All they need is the thought ‘I will not be dictated to, no one will undermine my power’, And Gina’s hit the ground hard, her parachute has failed to open.

Fighting against what has happened or attempting to reverse the minds of people will not work. Humans resent being ‘talked down to’ Mrs May holds a Royal Flush, and she knows, the rest of the gamblers can throw whatever they like on the table. After revealing her hand, she will not only keep the pot; she’ll have a handbag full of I.O.U’s.

Allow me to be clear with you; I have no political views or opinion. I have an interest in the way we think and how people are influenced. I know why winners are lucky and losers cry. I attempted to place a one hundred pounds bet on a Conservative win, the odds? 1/20, this means I would have a return of five pounds for a ton bet. Ladbrokes agree with me.

My prediction using psychology and Critical Thinking is –  An overwhelming win which will change the landscape of this country forever.

Psychic? – No, ‘Critical Thinker.’

Strange Opportunity

Writing Is A Gamble

Writing Is A Gamble

We listen and read the words of a guru ‘Never miss an opportunity’, and continue to seek opportunity. Ten years later we are still looking, although, on reflection, there are plenty of missed opportunities lurking in the cupboard. Realising we are ‘opportunity blind’ is a difficult realisation, Of course, we are blind in many respects; for years I could not see my moronic self. On reflection, the years wasted were not learning curves; they are cause for regret. Not for the mean and selfish way I lived or the cruelty inflicted upon the deserving. No, in truth I regret the decades lost which cannot be recovered, and this causes controllable discord. It is a lesson learned, a metaphorical ‘cyanide strength unhappiness pill’ swallowed.

Metaphorical ‘cyanide strength unhappiness pill’? ‘Metaphor’ is an expression, ‘cyanide’ a deadly poison, ‘strength’ an indication of force, and ‘unhappiness cure’ needs no explanation. Understanding the malady taking the strong medicine of fact, killed the disease. I suppose a depression cure would save many a suicide or would it? The feeling of despair may be eliminated, the circumstances of the misery would not change. For example; I knew a man who cried every day; he embarrassed me. I told him about a situation which caused a fair degree of mental anguish, and he cried. Do you know? I was happy I’d made him cry. He aggravated me, I wanted to hurt him, and the sad story was more compelling than a punch. When he died, it rained for two days, and I knew the water drops on my jacket were his tears.

I missed the opportunity to say ‘John, you’re an alcoholic wreck. You’re a failure and mentally ill, and you are driving me down into the hell of insanity.’ No, I lied to him and told him he’d be alright and I wasted time talking to him. My patience gave his life purpose, in his desperation, he interpreted my time as friendship. When I told him the story (a factual one) about two schoolboys torturing an animal, and as I watched them I also cried; he seemed to resonate with the memory so deeply he could not get it out of his mind. John asked me about the scene a few times and then the penny dropped. I cried for the animal and my fear of two bullies, I was desperate to save it and helpless to do so. When I realised John enjoyed the story, I knew he was an evil man, and his tears were a complex imbalance of remorse and guilt. I do not know what he’d done, he associated something with my childhood reminiscence. I knew it must be ten out of ten serious.

We never miss opportunities, because they are only realised in hindsight. I say to you ‘Here is a chance to make a few quid’ and you will rightfully be sceptical. Ten years later in a chance encounter with Freddy X, you are told ‘Ian gave me an opportunity to invest in his publishing business, and I’ve made a fortune’ You think of the missed opportunity. Wether missed or taken; we do not realise it until it is passed. The lesson is your instinct was right at the time; you made the right choice for yourself. It is possible you would have concern for the investment because in the first year the business suffered many setbacks. Freddy’s attitude was ‘Lets stay with it for one more year, and if it fails, that’s the way of life’ Opportunities are made not taken.

Thirteen years ago I began to write each day, not only journal keeping, short stories and novellas. Many are paraphrases of experiences. Some stories are reflections of my idea of ‘Selfness’ and individualism. Six or seven years ago I was asked to write an introduction to a new business venture for a press release. The payment of a bottle of wine and a sweet feeling in my emotion zone compensated for four hours working on a 100-word synopsis. Over the years, words have made me a comfortable living; there is no formula or method, the situation simply evolved. The numerous articles, letters, and essays written this week have varied from a statement of circumstance to a sales pitch. Everyone different and not one complaint. Fifteen hours work for a weeks wage and most of the assignments completed before my day begins.

You'll Never Read Them All

You’ll Never Read Them All

You see, it is not grammar or qualification which makes the writer. It is the practice and endeavor, and one other ingredient called variation. Stephen King was a reporter and covered any subject, in his book about writing the maestro acknowledges this as the foundation for his work. Hemingway published many short stories, and his subjects vary from Spanish waiter to African game hunter. Variation is one possible way of learning the art of writing. The two genii were not given opportunities; they wrote their cheques. The cheque books were varied and colourful and entertaining.

It is impossible to read every book written, although some people claim they are three books a week worms. A friend of mine owns a secondhand bookshop. He told me about a woman who exchanges four books every week. For the last few years, he has placed a raffle ticket between random pages of every book she chooses. When the ‘read’ books are returned he checks the books and not once has the ticket been removed. My bookshop friend tells me this is not unusual for people to pretend to be avid readers. He feels the frauds attain a false sense of academic attainment from the deception. Although he congratulates them on their achievement, knowing he is himself a fraud. David will never miss the opportunity to sell a book. Life is full of Crying John’s and Book Worm Frauds; we only have to see them as opportunities to write a story.

Book Worm Frauds

Book Worm Frauds

Does the work have to make sense? If it is a freelance article, it has to be gin clear and claret smooth. Whenever I write for A.N Other, I’ll research the relevant information and then free-flow a thousand words. It is printed, read and edited, rewritten, printed read and edited. Proof copy emailed to the client and amendments made, life does not get any easier. My favourite writer is the late A.A. Gill; a God among God’s. I wonder if he worked in a similar way, honing and sharpening the essay, until perfect. His work sparkled because of its vibrant expression, read his ‘Miss Universe’ story it is majestic. His work was not 100 thousand word drivel; he conjured 3000 words into an eternal memory. Take the opportunity to read his articles and essays.

I know for sure; the ability to weave words into pleasure is as difficult as cooking a boiling hen into a poussin. I truly believe the capacity to use words makes or breaks people, business, and even life’s happiness. If the essay is understood and the sentiment realised by the reader, the objective is attained. What the problem is; writing is like life, we do not see our mistakes until it is too late.

Ten Minute Imagination

Children's Book Appeal

Children’s Book Appeal

When deciding to write a blog, we must not ignore the time involved in producing each essay. We begin with the greatest of intentions, and six months later there is an inkling our imagination has come to a standstill. The imagination cannot freeze, it is always active. Be careful though; the imagination is child-like it thrives on encouragement. In a world where it is supposed being ‘trick’ is grown up, our creativity stagnates.

Is this why the big people enjoy going out to play so much? Cost-a-fortune coffee, drinks at the weekend, social gathering aplenty? Theatre and film, music and food, are examples of grown-up playtime. Adult games are unfulfilling, routine, monotonous and boring. A child turns a cardboard box into a Ferrari; the big boy imagines his Mini a racing car and gains speeding fines. Children dress up within their minds to become anything from a doctor to zombie in a flash. Adults spend fortunes to dress like a celebrity. Alice puts on mummy’s lipstick and nail polish and enjoys the acting. Joe tattoo’s his entire body and claims he’ll never regret it.

I wonder about cloning, especially when it comes to celebrity. Consider top class stars: For examples: Helen Mirren, Francis Sinatra, Johnny Depp and Robert de Nero. There is a uniqueness in their personality; I see more clones than individuals in the contemporary entertainment world. Slim well-honed bodies, veneered and super white teeth, dyed hair and emperor clothes.

The imagination is quickly stifled and dulled, our world and its influences are superficial, repetitive and stagnant. And this is why the thinker likes the Blog. Because he reads and interacts with real people, who have unique and mind-expanding thoughts to share with like-minded people. Our world is a child’s world, where a cardboard box becomes a mansion, a walk on a beach is heaven, and we discover happiness in an imperfect social environment.

I would like to write another 600 words and tidy the essay; it is 05:12 and two minutes over my allotted time of ten minutes.

Take It

Write It - Take It

Write It – Take It

Some years ago I scripted a one hour talk on barefoot walking. It proved to be popular; so much so, people sometimes say ‘Ian, I remember the ‘barefoot talk.’ I remember it for a different reason. A friend sent me an e-mail. ‘Have you read the article in XYZ magazine? The writer has recorded your talk. The article is so close in content, it must be yours.’  I read the article, and indeed the writer had used my speech as the basis of the article. My reply was simple ‘I have no concern, let people take what they like. The fact is, when using another man’s ideas, the inner-being and conscience recognise the theft. From my point of view, the plagerist is like an artist singing a cover song; the tribute never comes close to the original.

I am rewriting my book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ and until it is published no information about the changes will be available. Never have I been more careful with my work, the book will represent two years of research. Re-listening to hundreds of hours of interviews, notes and short videos will make the book the best I have written. For the first time, the decision to Fort Knox the copyright is made. Every sentence and paragraph will be protected, and those who steal my work will pay for their error. Plagiarism software is so efficient; tracking intellectual theft is no problem. Only fools take another writer’s work these days.

After the first draft and proofreading, the book is A4 printed and posted to three individuals for approval. They will be asked to read the book and circle any paragraphs which cannot be understood. When the copies return all comments, notes and criticism will be addressed, and the book will have its final rework, and it will be published. My assessors are trusted friends, who will provide accurate appraisals of the book.

Real friends balance their heart (emotion) and mind (intellect) and will not place feelings before their wise council. When asked for an opinion, my appraiser’s can be confident they will give a fair assessments. I do not underestimate the task, and I recognise the immense cost of the time given to it. I have placed them in an awkward situation, as many paragraphs and essays will question, beliefs, options and ideal’s which are close to their heart. One of my friends may feel concern for the criticism of his profession, although he is already aware of my opinion. The trio are exceptional individuals; they will understand what I am asking of them. I am not seeking criticism or argument, my need if for them to assess if the sections are understandable and coherent.

Very few people can mentally digest information which is opposed to opinion. Most people see the smaller picture and fail to enjoy the landscape. It is rare for an individual to talk about both sides of an issue without demonstrating a bias toward the one aspect which ‘proves’ their opinion. Artists and creatives have to see the whole picture; a man cannot be a writer if he cannot join all aspects of a story, his character should experience difficult times, maybe abuse or betrayal before the love story ends in happiness. An artist can paint a dark storm or depict heaven within a summers day. The composer evoke’s feelings of sadness and elation. The friends who will assess my book are creative intellectuals, emotional intelligence is the summit of reason.

Although their emotional intelligence is exceptional, they possess the greatest of assets. It cannot be faked or disguised, it is integrity, and within this word is another… trust. I know they can be trusted without question, there is no compromise, their integrity is sabre sharp, there is no fear of truth. Another friend, Francis once commented: ‘truth inflicts emotionally damaging wounds’ he is right. Our inner strength has to be tungsten hard to accept many facts and truths. I have no concern for the individual who stole my talk and put their name to my hours of research, writing of scripts and rehearsing my presentation. The fact is, one friend, recognised the plagiarism and although another signature ended the essay, my name is within every word of the published article.

The Policy is Selfness ~ ‘The Philosophy is Selfness’

600 + Interviewee's = Zoom H4n

600 + Interview’s recorded with the Zoom H4n + Rode M2

‘Selfness’ is the understanding of a person’s essential individuality. Most of my essays are focussed on the idea if we become central to our life, we are more capable as human beings. I highjacked the word for my ‘Philosophy of Selfness’. Closed minded thinkers often resist the philosophy. They confuse the word selfness with selfish, and the association cannot be separated. I have no concern; there is no reason to explain the difference, it is a waste of my life hours attempting to reason with a stubborn mind. In fact, I like the stubborn individual; they make me laugh inside. They are the salesman’s favourite target. All he needs to do is find the weakness; for examples; food, football, family, car and he can prey on the obsession, building rapport and making a sale. Of course the stubborn know all would never accept they had been manipulated into the purchase.

I see quotes about ‘determination’, and I wonder if people realise determination can be a restrictive attitude. People become determined to follow their plan, method or principals. Their faith can prevent them from finding a better way. The determination blinds them from the possibility of being wrong or the plan is flawed. I know a determined individual who sees the objective and does not spend enough time working out how to achieve the goal. He never listens; his way is always the right way, and he never seems to make progress.

Abe Lincoln said ‘If you are to cut down a tree, spend an hour sharpening the axe’

I delete his number; lines have to be drawn. The reason? The life and make of a battery. Rolf and I share a common interest, recording social documentary. My first decent field recorder was a Zoom H4n; it had a tough life being used to record over 600 interviews. This information would suggest I know the limits of the instrument. I use a condenser microphone for my work; the ‘condenser’ requires ‘phantom power.’ Don’t worry it’s not a ghost in the machine; it’s a small voltage supplied to the microphone. Some have a battery in the handle other’s take power from the recorder. Rolf asked me if I’d used ‘phantom power’ with my old H4n recorder as he’d just purchased one.

‘Use IKEA Alkalisk batteries; you’ll get two hours minimum recording time.’
‘No way, the forums say an hour at the most.’
‘The IKEA batteries are the best you can buy one-fifty for ten, and they will give you two hours’
‘I don’t believe it. IKEA batteries cannot be any good at fifteen pence each.’
‘Well Rolf, I can assure you the information is accurate.’

IKEA Alkalisk batteries

IKEA Alkalisk batteries

The conversation soon spiralled downward. Not from my side; from Rolf’s, his perception overwhelmed the fact. Some people will criticise me for breaking ties to an acquaintance over a battery. That’s fine; everyone is free to think as they choose, opinion is free and affects our personality. Personality is assessed by others from our words, attitude, actions, and opinions. Rolf demonstrated a stubborn attitude, and if we look deeper into the conversation, he mistrusted the facts. Why would I need to waste life hours talking about batteries, with a man who questions accurate information? Information doubted, Rolf deleted. Rolf is not sharpening the axe, he’s ensuring it’s blunt.

One of the precepts of ‘selfness’ is to think carefully about limitations. For example; how far are we prepared to go before closing a relationship. (This is possibly the hardest meditation of all) Never the less, working with the most difficult areas of thought sharpens the axe. I spend an hour each week thinking about the people have taken advantage of my generosity. From books borrowed and never returned, to help with a serious legal issue; time is given freely; and when a small favour is asked for, well you know the rest of the story. Years ago I accepted let downs, today? Again you will know the answer. The hour is sufficient to remind me of the importance of keeping my word. Around eight years ago I began to realise why my life had been so damn difficult. I was unreliable and inconsistent, and the people who I knew were of the same ilk. And this is why I was let down so often; people treated me as I lived. What? You thought I reflected on let down’s to remind me of unreliable people? No, my friend, the meditation reminds me of my faults and weakness. It is easy to take advantage of a fool, take it from me I’m the biggest ‘Jack in the Box.’

Over Two Hours Recording Rolf

Over Two Hours Recording Rolf

I’m no longer determined to do anything; I take my time, patience is a Sunday morning stroll. If the objective seems too great, I will not begin the journey. I wait for the right opportunity, and when it comes along, everything about the idea is reviewed before the go button is pushed.  I see relationships as reciprocal, and I am aware at all times of the rule ‘do unto others as you would do unto yourself. ’Stubbornness is a sign of greed and closed minded thinking; Rolf demonstrated the way of the know all. I guess he desired to prove a point; I cannot be certain. I can be sure millions of people will not accept certain facts and believe the ‘sheep’ who write nonsense and talk about illusionary wisdom. Today I call them Rolf, they are not required in my personal environment.

Clearly defined social parameters are fundamental to ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’

Aim Straight


Why Not?

Why Not?

Everywhere I look there are inspirational quotes. Billionaire entrepreneurs claiming the determination gave them the loot. Focus on your desire, and it will be yours, just keep on keeping on. Nothing can stop you, believe in yourself and you will open the golden gate into the garden of achievement. A few weeks ago I listened to a guru’s rhetoric ‘Where you are defines where you’re going.’ Great I like this I’m in Nottingham today, and I’m going to Nottingham tomorrow. He is bang on the nail, and when I’m in America next year, I’ll be there because I’m in Nottingham today. Confused? If so the magic is working.

Another guy tells me to get a grip; the ‘institution’ forces me to buy on credit. Well, I have not needed credit for the last fourteen years chum. And I live in Nottingham which defines my future. So if you live in Nottingham, you can be like me and be debt free. The slick silver-haired Bob, he’s into universal law’s and secrets. Buy his books and realise you do not have to do anything to be rich. Just believe in one objective, and the universe will do the rest. Well, Bob, there are millions of dying kids who ate a plate of rice twenty days ago, they believe in food and life. Doesn’t the universe understand their pleas?

Entrepreneurs are everywhere selling courses on how to sell courses. It’s the latest craze, the new deal, the new gold ingot road to becoming an entrepreneur poor. The imperceptible notion is; the disciple follows the guru and the disciple gets the master to where the master wants to be (tricky word weaving there). The difficulty with the process is, it is an illusion: Thousands of people talking about how to snare the unwary. Their language is e-mail send outs, mail chump and internet logarithms. Merchants cannot make money out of merchants; they need a public to buy the goods to provide the profit. Four hour week, course’s on how to sell courses sound as sweet as liquorice and taste like raw liver. Get a grip chum; the only fools are on the entrepreneurial waggon. It is the same one used by pyramid sales gurus during the 1970’s.

A friend of mine told me the rent on his house is twelve thousand a year plus the cleaner. He’s already paid his landlord sixty grand in five years. I look at him, and he knows what I’m thinking. Give me a 75 thousand house on the cheap side of the city and 50 grand in the bank. I live in Nottingham, and it defines who I’m going to be tomorrow.

Five Minute Ramble